Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Millions of people will suffer from neck ache at some point in their lives. The head is heavy and the neck is very mobile, meaning that consistent bad posture or simply sleeping in a bad position can cause pain.

About Neck Pain


Most people who present to us with neck pain describe:

  • Pain in one or both sides of the neck
  • Reduced movement in the neck
  • Pain or pins and needles in an arm or shoulder when turning the head that way
  • Pain spreading into the back of the head


Neck pain is normally (but not exclusively) caused by poor posture over a prolonged period of time. This is frequently due to:

  • Overuse of computer keyboards
  • A lot of time spent driving
  • Jobs with frequent activities that put strain on the neck

How to ease neck pain

Mechanical neck pain responds extremely well to chiropractic treatment. If your problem is postural in nature your chiropractor will also advise you on postural exercises and rehabilitation in order to improve this.

How quickly can one treat hip pain?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the answer is that it’s completely unique to you.

It also depends a lot on the length of time someone has suffered and on the principal causes. Once your chiropractor has completed the case history, initial exam and treatment he will be able to give you the best guideline of the timeframe for the results you desire.

Following a course of treatment my patients feel freer, happier and able to work and play to the max again.

About your chiropractor, Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson is a qualified chiropractor, registered with the General Chiropractic Council and licensed to practice in the UK. Andrew is a member of the United Chiropractic Association.

  • We treat you as a unique individual. Your treatment programme will be tailored specifically to you. There will be no ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  • Advice on achieving good posture at work and at rest
  • When the time comes a personalised exercise programme to stabilise and rehabilitate your spine
  • Nutritional and stress-reduction advice to complement your programme
  • A safe, clean and welcoming environment so that you can relax

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Constant neck pain makes it hard to focus on anything else and impossible to enjoy life. You can do something about it now!

Many people suffer from neck pain during the course of their life. Even if it’s been going on for a long time chiropractic treatment can give you the relief you’re looking for, and help prevent it returning.

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