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Patient Testimonials

"I had a bad back for a while. At the beginning of march 2017. Which was probably the result of breaking my foot last year. Picking up a piece of rubbish caused very painful experience. After seeing Andrew Robson. I can highly recommend a call and visit. I am feeling much better and with the right exercises and proper body management. I think I will be better off in the future."

Thomas Adrian Fishburn

"After intense back and neck pain for such a long time I went to see Andrew, wish I had done it a long time ago, I am now pain free and feel years younger, Andrew is excellent and I would recommend anyone to go for a consultation. "Thank you" Andrew."

Paula Barber

"After breaking my shoulder twice in 4 years I needed help to get my movement back. I can highly recommend Andrew Robson with his knowledge and expertise. I am now pain free and have full range of movement"

Hayley Grinnell

"I like to get regular chiropractic check ups as I know they really benefit me. I felt the difference almost immediately after Andrew had treated me he really knows what he is doing. I recommend everyone to go get checked out!"

Dalton Ritchings

"Andrew is very professional and knows his stuff. I found the clinic extremely kind and helpful. I saw Andrew concerning pain in my lower back and side. He quickly diagnosed the problem areas and set to work relieving them. I am still working on the areas but my movement and posture has significantly increased. I have recommended a couple of people to him and am told he is really helping them. Many Thanks Andrew and his helpful and friendly staff."

David Crowdy

"I have suffered from Arthritis for many years, having had total replacements on both hips and one knee. My back constantly ached, my posture was poor,I had to use a walking stick, and was not able to stand still for more than a few minutes. Although I have had an active life working with horses and other large animals I have been overweight for most of my adult life and was losing my confidence in being able to continue working. I have just finished a 4 month course of treatment with Andrew and can now walk without a stick. I am far more upright and feel much more in balance. Pain has been greatly reduced and my confidence is returning in feeling I can continue an active life-style. Andrew's suggestions of a healthy way of eating has helped me to lose 20 pounds. Thank you Andrew for your kind, patient and professional attitude."

Claire Harper

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