What to expect when I visit

Before you arrive

Please arrive ten minutes before your appointment start time in order to fill out a health questionnaire form prior to your consultation.

It’s best to allow an hour for your initial consultation. This will afford us enough time for a thorough case history and examination to make sure chiropractic treatment is appropriate to your needs.

Please make yourself familiar with the area and where to park. Parking instructions can be found here.

During your visit

Your chiropractor will begin by asking you some pertinent questions and listening attentively to what you have to say. If after this stage your problem sounds like something we can help with, then we will, with your permission, proceed to the Chiropractic assessment. Should we feel that you are not suitable for chiropractic care then we will refer you to a GP or a suitable specialist.

Our assessment procedures have been designed to give us the maximum amount of information with the least amount of discomfort for you, the patient. You may be familiar with some of the tests if you have already consulted your GP or a consultant. Some will be unique to chiropractic.

Droitwich Back & Neck Clinic use state-of-the-art thermographic and digital equipment to assess tension and range of motion in the spine and extremity joints. This aids us in compiling the most accurate diagnosis, and if appropriate, plan of treatment too.

After your initial consultation

Having listened carefully and examined you appropriately, we will then be able to give you a detailed report on what we have found and how we may be able to help you.

If appropriate, care may begin on the same day. Sometimes further information is needed in the form of scans or x-rays. At the end of the consultation, we like to allow some time for any questions you may have.

Do you still have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions or call our friendly staff for further information.

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