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manual workers and chiropractic, Droitwich Back & Neck Clinic

Manual Workers

Whatever your job is, the last thing you need is pain in your back and neck slowing you down, making it harder to work, and having a negative impact on your life outside work too.

Repetitive physical work can lead to pain. We have seen many manual workers suffering from these issues, causing intense worry about potential inability to continue with work and loss of livelihood.

We have helped many people like you get back to pain-free work and look forward to helping you too.

elderly people and chiropractic, Droitwich Back & Neck Clinic


Aging leads to loss of strength and flexibility. We also often find that small aches and pains can suddenly become big events in our lives. For some this can lead to a loss of independence or dignity.

We understand how these issues affect your quality of life, and how physical pain can lead to a loss of leisure and social opportunities, and consequently a sense of isolation from friends and family, potentially leading to depression.

We have helped large numbers of seniors get back to doing what they love, and look forward to doing the same for you.

office workers and chiropractic, Droitwich Back & Neck Clinic

Office Workers

Today, with more of the workforce working in an office-based environment than ever before, chronic problems associated with being desk-bound for many hours are becoming more and more prevalent.

Even with the most ergonomic workstation set-up, more and more office workers are suffering from posture-related problems such as low and upper back pain, as well as chronic neck pain and headaches.

We understand the misery that such pain can cause, making it hard to concentrate and perform at work, with the pain also crossing over to your personal life, making it harder to do the things you love.

We look forward to helping you on your road to recovery.

active people and chiropractic, Droitwich Back & Neck Clinic

Active People

People come to us for the first time complaining of a variety of different problems, usually connected with the low back, neck and head.

The one thing that everyone has in common, however, is a sense that something is missing from their life, that the pain is preventing them from doing the things they enjoy most and living life to the full. This can range from the ability to go hiking, to play football, to do DIY, gardening, dancing or to play with grandchildren.

Whatever is causing you pain, frustration or distress, if we believe we can help you will receive a personalised care plan tailored specifically to achieving your goals.

We look forward to helping you stay active for the long term.

Pregnancy and chiropractic, Droitwich Back & Neck Clinic

Pregnant Patients

Low back and pelvic pain is unfortunately common in pregnancy and frequently makes this period extremely stressful.

Chiropractic care is shown to alleviate pain during pregnancy, helping to remove this concern and making this period in your life alot easier.

Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love.

Request an appointment with Andrew at a time convenient for you. Take the first step to regaining your health and living life on your terms.

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