Shoulder Pain

Many people suffer from arm and shoulder pain. This is frequently caused by postural issues elsewhere in the neck and back.

Symptoms of shoulder pain

Most people who present to us with shoulder and arm pain complain of:

Causes of shoudler pain

Shoulder and associated arm pain is usually a result of postural issues in the upper back and neck. These cause pressure on nerves which supply the shoulder and arm, leading to pain. Poor posture also leads to mechanical dysfunction of the shoulder.

These postural issues are frequently caused by:

How to ease shoulder pain

Chiropractic treatment is an extremely effective approach to postural problems in the upper back and neck that are the underlying cause of many shoulder complaints. Your chiropractor will also advise you on rehabilitation exercises to improve your posture.

How quickly can one treat shoulder pain?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the answer is that it’s completely unique to you.

It also depends a lot on the length of time someone has suffered and on the principal causes. Once your chiropractor has completed the case history, initial exam and treatment he will be able to give you the best guideline of the timeframe for the results you desire.

Future cast: Following a course of chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation patients feel freed from shoulder and arm problems which held them back from enjoying their day-to-day life.

We are available to help relieve your shoulder pain.

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Many people suffer from shoulder and arm pain. Your chiropractor will look at the root cause of the pain and provide a long-term solution. Call us or request an appointment for an initial consultation with Andrew today.

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